Simplify Homeownership with a TotalProtect Home Warranty

The current economic conditions in the United States has homeowners in a constant state of financial concern, and when a major home system or appliance breaks down, many individuals simply cannot come up with the funds to fix the problem. Thanks to this amazing comprehensive service protection agreement, the majority of these components are covered for the cost of repair or replacement.

By simply paying a small deductible that ranges from $60 to $75, homeowners can get their abode back in working order under the coverage provided by the policy. This affordable warranty offers a refrigerator warranty, plumbing system service, dishwasher protection, electric wire service, furnace protection, and cooling system coverage. The plan is so thorough, that old appliance assistance as well as new appliance protection is provided.

Amazingly, the TotalProtect Home Warranty is applicable to the majority of kitchen built-in appliances, and even household ceiling fans are protected. Properties that feature a spa or pool can be enhanced by a policy that offers coverage for those amenities, making this coverage even more valuable. As a supplemental coverage for a standard homeowner insurance policy, the benefits are immeasurable, especially when one of these devices break down or have non-reparable conditions.

Financial industry lenders can count on this protection program to cover the home while it is being listed or in a state of foreclosure. This allows any repairs to be made right away, and could ultimately increase the selling price of the dwelling. Most buyers do not want to be facing hefty repair bills soon after making a purchase. For starters, they may not have the funds available to them after making such a serious investment. Secondarily, they may turn to blame the realtor or lender for these issues, and this policy offers all parties peace of mind when it comes to preventing these circumstances.

Obtaining the necessary service under the agreement is quick and easy. One phone call is made to customer service and a professional representative gets claims processed quickly and efficiently to keep policy holders happy. TotalProtect Home Warranty has a team of expert technicians ready to come out, diagnose issues, and get started making repairs as soon as approval is granted.

Potential home buyers are becoming more financially savvy, and they are actively pursuing homes that feature a home warranty. TotalProtect Home Warranty is the ideal solution for those who desire to avoid unexpected household repair or replacement costs. As an A+ rated business by the BBB, this reputable company is one that customers can count on for positive results.